Thursday, November 15, 2007

Tips on how to Speed Up Your Photoshop - FINALE

hye guys! =)

So, this is the last two tips that I'm gonna share with all of you on how to speed up your photoshop. So, lets continue the lesson...hhehhehe.

4.Snapshot->Do you always use it?

Do you know what is snapshot? Snapshot means the photoshop will snap the first state of files view in photoshop whenever you open files. When you click this snapshot, it will revert back the file to the state when its first view in photshop. That means, when you have made a lot of changes to the pictures and accidently save the image( I mean you replace the original file), you can get back the original pictures by clicking the snapshot button. Photoshop will revert it back to the state when it was first view in photoshop. It is a very handy tool in photoshop but, once again I ask you, do you use it frequently? If not, u can disable this function and save the memory.

Finding the Snapshot option

Configuring the Snapshot

The first two options in the History Options dialog box, “Automatically Create First Snapshot”
and “Automatically Create New Snapshot When Saving,” are the ones that consume extra
resources. For me, I never use snapshot, so I just disable it. But I recommend you to click the first option.

5. Reduce the palette thumbnail size

The Channels and Paths palette store thumbnails for preview purpose. Each time you make the change on your image, the thumbnail will update preview. However, to update the thumbnail, Photoshop will use a lot of resources which means more memory. You can change the palette thumbnail options as shown in the pictures below:

Palette Options

Thumbnail size : small

Thumbnail size : Medium

Thumbnail size : Large

Thumbnail size : None

I just disable the thumbnail preview for Chanels palette because I seldom use it. So, no need for photoshop to generate and update the thumbnail every time I make some changes to my image.

Well, seems that I successfully finish these tips on how to speed up your photoshop and improve its performance. Below, I list out the summary:

1. Manage your Plug in; brush,custom shape, gradient etc.
2. Don't install too many fonts
3. Tweak the Preferences
4. Disable snapshot option
5. Reduce the palette thumbnail size.

For the next post, I will try to give another tips about photoshop and I hope you enjoy reading my blog. Bye! have a nice day! =)

Monday, November 12, 2007

Self Potraits

Hey guys!, Check out my GALLERIA for new set of pictures. The set is about my self potraits. Enjoy the show! =)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Tips on how to Speed Up Your Photoshop - episode 2

Okay, now it's time for the next tips on how to speed up your photoshop during start up process.This second tip may be hated by those font lovers. The next tips are:

2. Don't!Don't!Don't and 1000xDon'ts install too many fonts!

Installing too many fonts actually will eat up you memory and eventually slow down your photoshop start up process. If you don't believe this, go check the 'loading status' and you will find the truth. And, the effect is not dedicated to photoshop only, but also to all softwares that are going to use font as part of its system. Just choose the one that you use frequently. Remember, simplicity can create amazing stuff! Believe me.=)

history states
This is my photoshop. Too many fonts installed and finally I'm suffered waiting for the photoshop to start up.

3. Hit the Mr "Ctrl+K"

So, why "Ctrl+K" and what is that? Actually, Ctrl+K is a shortcut for 'preferences'window in photoshop. From here,you can can change several things in order to reduce the time taken for photoshop to start up. But, be careful! Set it based on how you use it.Professional designer will have different preference than a normal guy who use photoshop just for hobby. Here are what you can change in the preferences menu:

i. History states
The History feature has become a very vital element in Photoshop. Photoshop can't live without it.History features allow us to undo our 'mistake'. By default,Photoshop saves 20 history states and we can change the number at any time in the Preferences>General under History states. The higher the number, the more resources are eaten up which means more memory will be used and slow down your photoshop eventhough it will allow you to do more redos to the previous state.

Changing the History State.

ii. RAM Allocation
The RAM is likely to be the photoshop heart. A big amount of RAM for photoshop can improved it's performance and make it faster. But, optimization is very important. We are not going to use photoshop only, but also the OS for our beloved coputer. So, when setting the RAM allocation, don't you ever set it to 100% cause it will slow down your computer performance and in return, your photoshop will also be affected. And you may not be able to run it!!! So, to can change the setting, do it in Preferences>Memory & Image Cache under memory usage.

Allocate the memory for photoshop

And, that's all for this post. It will be another 2 tips that I'm going to tell to you on how to speed up your photoshop. So, wait for my next post and support me by subscribing my blog. Have a nice day!! =)

Friday, November 9, 2007

I LoVE Nature

I have post new pictures in GALLERIA section. For this time, I post pictures with natures theme or flora and fauna theme. The pictures are amazing cause nature really is amazing. That's why I love to capture the nature with my camera.SO, do click the link and enjoy the show!=)

nature photo


Announcement!: I already post another new post in GALLERIA sections. It's a collection of my and my friend's leg pictures. So, enjoy the show!


At last, I manage to post something for GALLERIA section. This time, I post pictures that have been edited using Adobe Photoshop CS2. You can view the pictures at GALLERIA section. The title for the show is "BEFORE & AFTER". Enjoy it and generate some ideas with it! =)

Tips on how to Speed Up Your Photoshop - episode 1

Hye there, as I promise before this, I will write some article on how to speed up your photoshop which means reducing the time loading when start up the photoshop software. Most of us, who loves photoshop so much already experienced this kind of problem. When we start up the photoshop, usually it will takes a minute and in some cases they need to wait more than 2 minutes!. So, why is this happening? Actually, this problem occur due to our attitude which never want to re-organized our photoshop and do some ‘maintenance’ on it. So, without wasting so much time nagging on non-quality stuffs here, it is better for me to start the tutorial.

Have a look at the picture below. This is the splash screen which will be displayed during the start up. This splash screen can tell you why it takes a long time to load the software. So, how do this splash screen tell us the reason? I’ll tell you why.

Photoshop splash screen

As you can see, that part will tell you the reason why your photoshop can start up in a short time or will require more time. I call this part as ‘loading status’. This ‘loading status’ will show you the status of the loading process and tell you how long will it takes to load several files such as brushes, custom shape, gradient…etc. For the picture above, the status of the loading process at that time is reading the preferences that have been set by you or by default. For a long loading process, the ‘loading status’ will appear longer than usual. For example, if at that time the ‘loading status’ shows “reading styles” and this loading status appear for quite a long time, that means the “styles” that have been uploaded in your photoshop are too many and of course, it will require more time to load it. So, from this splash screen, you can easily trace what kind of files that slow down the start up process and take action based on it.

For this post, I already trace and recognize the most files which cause the start up process become slower. The files are:

2.Custom shape
7.Plug In

Why these files can contribute to the slower start up? It’s simple. These files can be created by us and store it as photoshop file.We also can download those files from the Internet. For example, we can create the brush using photoshop and save it as .abr files. Then, we can load this brush files into photoshop to use it. When you load it into photoshop, actually you have increase the number of brushes set in photoshop which will lead the photoshop to use more memory and eventually slow down the start up process. And,what makes it worst is, most of us will load every files they downloaded without thinking either they will use it frequently or not. So, the first tip on how to speed up the start up process is:

1. Manage your preset manager for the files mentioned above.

Just load the most frequent usage of files only. If you always use the grunge brush, then load the grunge brush that you use frequently. Delete all the brush that you seldom use it and don’t worry cause you can load it back when you need it.(I will explain more on how to organize these file properly at the next post). Apply the same step for custom shape and other files mentioned above. To manage those files in photoshop, simply click EDIT> PRESET MANAGER.

preset manager

Choose file to delete. You can upload it back when you want to use it.

That is the first tip on how to speed up your photoshop. Remember, do manage your preset manager in order to photoshop start up faster. Don’t be a blind person, think first before you load the files. Ask yourself either you gonna use it everytime or sometime only. You can download everything from the Internet but you must organize and decide which one is the best and most suit with your styles. And that’s all from me for today. Next post, I will give another tips on how to speed up your photoshop. I need to stop now cause I feel really tired and sleepy. So guys, have a nice day!!!! =)

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

It's all about PHOTOSHOP


Hye friends!, this is my first attempt to create a blog about photoshop, arts and what so ever which are related to it. But, for some reasons , my blog will not contribute a lot of tutorials on how to create those beautiful effects using photoshop, but it will be more than that. I may give some tutorials regarding on how to create the effects, but I will try to post something different related to photoshop. For example, for my next post, I will tell you on how to speed up the loading process when you start photoshop or when you save the file. And, don't worry, I will not give you a false informations cause what i will write is based on my experience and the reading that i have made. I will summarize all the informations about photoshop based on the books/articles/journals...etc that I've read and I will share with all of you for FREE! =).

And, I also had created another 2 sections for this blog that are GALLERIA and FREEBIES which will be something great to be shared with. For the GALLERIA section, I will upload a lot of my artworks including pictures that I've shot and some artworks done using photoshop. In FREEBIES section, as its title, I will upload downloadable things such as photoshop plug in, brush, custom shape, gradient, pattern, wallpapers...etc for u to download it for FREE!. So, do support this blog by subscribing it and with your support, it will encourage me to write a more valuable and quality content. Last but not least, I hope, with this blog, I have the opportunity to discuss with all the designers outside there and share the knowledge in making a superb and marvelous artworks. So, wait for my next post and have a nice day!! =)